CryptoCore 200 Edition

CryptoCore 200 Edition

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Input Power needed for 200kW is 400amps (415WYE).  

Shipping & Installation

Shipping is not included and requires customer to arrange pick up by a bonded and insured common carrier from manufacturing facility. Shipping can be arranged by TMGcore at the customer's expense.

The unit is shipped in a secure crate. Crates should not be stacked.

Dimensions & Weight

Each CryptoCore Unit is 9' 7" long, 3' 1" wide and 4' 6" wide with the doors closed. With the doors opened, the height increases to 5' 6". The unit weighs 1,193 pounds empty and 3,198 pounds when filled with fluid.

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  • The future of crypto mining has arrived!

    Our liquid cooled mining unit was developed to produce the best results in energy usage, and equipment longevity, as well as enable overclocking hash rates.

  • USA Facility Requirements

    The USA-only facility must meet certain physical, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and network access requriements, including 240V 3 phase electrical service and a process cooling system for final heat rejection.

    Link to Spec Sheet & Facility Requirements 
  • Warranty and Installation Details

    Each CryptoCore unit includes our 1 Year Standard Warranty. Optionally, customers can include our Extended 3 Year Warranty.

    Installation may only be provided through our certified installation professional Installation services is available at an additional charge. Facility must have required connections and clearance requirements.

    Link to Warranty & Installation Terms 
  • Coolant Fluid

    TMGcore recommends the use of Bitcool BC888 single phase fluids. If you choose to have TMGcore provide fluid, we will provide a sufficient supply of fluid to fill and operate your CryptoCore unit along with your order.

    Link to Fluid SDS/TDS and Special Disposal Information 

Safety Disclaimer & Certified Installer

Only a TMGcore-certified technician can install a CryptoCore unit. Purchased Warranty terms are voided if anyone other than a TMGcore certified technician services the unit.

Where safety is concerned, you are responsible for having safety measures, and ensuring those are demonstrated, in and around the unit.

Electricity is dangerous to human health, life, and can result in serious bodily injury or death.  

Fluid can be a slip hazard. See SDS for coolant fluid safety.

See Terms of Use for limitations of liability, and for indemnification provisions.