Limited Warranty

CRYPTOCORE UNIT – 140 kW or 200 kW
Component Limited Warranty (1-Year Plan or 3-Year Plan)

Component Limited Warranty: This Warranty covers the original purchaser’s CryptoCore unit (“Equipment”) for the physical condition and operation of such Equipment to materially conform to the company’s specifications and to be free from material defects in materials and workmanship (“Covered Components”).  This excludes miners, as well as excludes fluids, third-party products, the server blades and consumables, such as replacement filters, that are set forth in our price list.  

Seller or its Authorized Service Provider shall in its sole discretion repair or replace the Covered Component (or for a service, re-perform the service) at no cost to you for labor, parts, shipping charges or required travel costs. This is the sole and exclusive remedy under this Warranty.  Coverage does not include defects or non-conformances arising from Buyer’s failure to comply with Deployment & Facility Requirements (also Site Readiness Requirements) or from Buyer’s failure to maintain the fluids or Software. We do not warrant uninterrupted or error-free operation. Covered components may be replaced with remanufactured or refurbished parts.  The Component Equipment Limited Warranty will be void to the extent that (i) Buyer makes any further use of such Equipment after its Claim Initiation; (ii) the defect arises because Buyer failed to follow Seller's oral or written instructions (including those set forth in the Manual or Site Readiness Requirements) as to the storage, installation, commissioning, use or maintenance of the Equipment; (iii) Buyer alters or repairs such Products without the prior written consent of Seller; (iv) Buyer or any person other than the Seller and Seller’s representatives operate or use the Equipment outside the normal uses contemplated by the Manual or otherwise caused or allowed to be caused any damage to the Equipment, (v) the fluids loaded into the Equipment by Buyer or others on its behalf cause the defect or condition that would otherwise be covered by the Component Equipment Limited Warranty, or (vi) if the incorrect fluid is used in the Equipment or incompatible fluids are mixed.

Definitions: The Covered Component warranties are referenced herein as “Warranty” unless intended in the singular based upon context.  “You” or “your” means the original purchaser of the Equipment.  “We”, “us”, and “our” means the entity contractually obligated to you to provide the Warranty support.  “Authorized Service Provider” means an authorized third party designated to provide Warranty services on Seller’s behalf. “Manual” means the CryptoCore User Manual or CryptoCore Installation Manual.  “Plan Period” means the purchased warranty duration, either a one year duration for the 1-Year Plan or a three year duration for the 3-Year Plan.

Registration Required within 30 Days:  No later than 30 days from date of final commissioning, complete and return the Warranty Registration Form (“Form”). To complete the form, go to: If you need a manual Claim Form, email:

Warranty Period: Services shall be available to the original purchaser for the applicable Plan Period after the date memorialized in our records and your warranty registration form, which is either the date the Equipment was picked up, or after its installation (with purchase of installation (final commissioning), as applicable. 

Geographic Coverage: Service is available within the continental United States, and Alaska and Hawaii. Additional time may be required to provide support or services to Alaska or Hawaii.

Remote Support: During the Warranty Plan Period, remote support will be provided during regular business hours - Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm CST. A request for remote support for weekends or after hours is offered on a time-and-materials basis.

On-site Support: If on-site assistance is required, assistance will be dispatched to the location. You are responsible for ensuring that the Equipment is easily accessible. If on-site support is preferred, Buyer will be advised of the additional fees to provide pre-approval.

Claim Form:  To initiate a “Claim Form”, you must complete and submit a Claim Form, along with the materials and information specified in the Claim Form to  within thirty (30) days of the time the defect is discovered or ought to have been discovered.   Instructions are provided.  If you need a manual Claim Form, email:  

For the Claim Form to be complete, the required information includes but is not limited to: (1) Proof of purchase and invoice number, (2) Proof of date of first commissioning, (3) Proof that the Equipment is covered, (4) Proof that the Equipment has been maintained as recommended, (5) A description of the issue, (6) Photos showing the defective component(s). Doing so will expedite the understanding of your claim.

Claim Review: After receipt of a completed Claim Form and the required information, our Claim Administrator will initiate and coordinate a qualifying assessment, in which it is reasonably verified that the Equipment is defective based upon an evaluation performed in good faith.  

Cooperation During Assessment:  As part of the qualifying assessment, Equipment or Covered Components will need to be available for inspection and testing.  Assessments will be done at a specified location during our regular business hours (Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm CST).  If the best location is someplace other than the site where the Equipment is installed, we will be responsible for the costs associated with transporting the Equipment or component(s) to the inspection site.

You must make all reasonable efforts to support and cooperate with us in resolving the problem requiring support remotely - for example, starting and executing self-tests or diagnostic programs, performing basic remedial activities upon our request. If remote support is available, you will allow us to keep system and network diagnostic programs resident on the covered Equipment and provide us login access for the exclusive purpose of performing diagnostics.  We will remove these diagnostic programs and any loaned connections or other equipment upon termination or expiration of this Warranty.  You are responsible for the security of your proprietary and confidential information and for maintaining a procedure external to the Equipment for reconstruction of lost, altered files, data, or programs. We do not intend to have access to your personally identifiable information, including proprietary information when providing Services. Any such capability will be incidental and transient, and you will remain the data controller. 

Findings:  After the assessment is complete, the Claims administrator will submit the claim and its findings to us. The Claims Administrator will inform you promptly of the claim decision.  If inspection and testing show that component failure was not caused by a defect in manufacturing or material, you agree to reimburse any travel costs incurred in connection with the inspection and testing.

Return of Defective Parts: The Equipment or a Covered Component may only be returned to us after written approval by TMGcore.  After approval, you shall return the defective parts to us within 30 days using a shipping label we will provide, at our expense. Failure to return the defective parts within the above time period shall result in a charge to you for those unreturned parts.

Exclusions: This Warranty does not cover failures of a Covered Component due to factors other than material defects in materials or workmanship, including but not limited to:

  • Consumables such as filters and fluids
  • Miners
  • Any other part or component covered by a warranty from its manufacturer or supplier
  • Removal of Equipment from the original installation site
  • Troubleshooting for connectivity or compatibility problems
  • Improper installation or damage by a party other than TMGcore or not in conformity with Installation Manual.
  • Services required due to failure by purchasing entity to incorporate any system fix, repair, patch or modification provided to the customer by us
  • Services required due to failure by purchasing entity to take avoidance action previously advised by us
  • Repairs, alterations, modifications, attachments or installations made to Equipment or its covered components not approved in advance by us or by an entity other than ours or our Authorized Service Provider
  • Deviation from recommended maintenance procedures, such as lack of manufacturer-specified maintenance or improper maintenance, including the use of inappropriate cleansers
  • Lack of, or improper maintenance; User fault or neglect; Use inconsistent with User Manual
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Unusual stress or power failure
  • Abnormal or improper use or misuse such as without limitation, use of improper or non-conforming thinner, solvents, inks or other consumables
  • Reckless, abuse or intentional conduct associated with handling and use of the Equipment
  • Maximum use limitations: Equipment operated in excess of its maximum usage rate or duty cycle (as specified in the technical data sheet or operating manual)
  • Failure to maintain the prescribed environmental conditions at the installation site
  • Exposure to the elements, Water or Fire damage
  • Animal or insect infestation
  • Dust, rust, corrosion or other environmentally caused damage
  • An Act of God including without limitation to floods, earthquakes or any other peril originating from outside the Equipment
  • Catastrophe or accident; Vandalism or any other intentional act
  • Police action, act of war, nuclear incident or terrorism
  • Change in color, texture, finish, nicks/chips/scratches in paint
  • Recovery of non-system software, other software and data
  • Data loss or corruption
  • Business interruption
  • Damage to Equipment or components where the serial numbers are removed or altered
  • Loss or damage for which coverage is provided under a service contract or insurance
  • Non-TMGcore products: we are not liable for the compatibility, performance or non-performance of third-party vendors or OEMs, their products or their support services

Limitation of Liability: The total amount that TMGcore, will pay for repairs made in connection with any Warranty-related claim on any Covered Component shall not exceed the purchase price of the Equipment, excluding tax and shipping, notwithstanding any purchase terms.  In the event that TMGcore or its Authorized Service Providers make repairs, which in the aggregate are equal to the purchase price of the covered product, or replace the Covered Component with a new, rebuilt, or refurbished product of equal or similar features and functionality, TMGcore will have no further obligations under this Warranty. The cost of repair for any additional claims or claims outside of the Warranty will be charged on a time-and-materials basis.

Limitations: This Warranty is made to the documented original purchaser of the Equipment only. It is not transferable. No claim for breach of this Warranty shall be commenced in any forum or tribunal more than one-year after the date on which you discovered or should have discovered the breach, whichever is sooner. The terms of this Component Limited Warranty may not be waived, altered or modified except by a writing signed by both you and TMGcore. Additional or different terms and conditions will not apply, and the master agreement terms shall be applicable and interpreted to be consistent with this Warranty.

Questions: Questions about this Warranty and Claims made under it should be directed to the warranty provider:  TMGcore, Inc., 6815 Communications Parkway, Plano, TX 75024.


Technical Support: Technical Support questions should be directed to: or +1-680-888-6886.



Warranty Registration Form Complete One (1) Per Product


Complete and return this Form per product to:

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Product Information:

Model No.:                                                                                  

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Date of First Commissioning:                                    _______

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By submitting this Form, Purchasing Entity  acknowledges receipt of, and agreement to comply with,  the Component Limited Warranty (1-Year Plan or 3-Year Plan).