Installation Overview

CryptoCore Installation Overview - USA Facility Only


Once an Order Request with installation is received from the Online Sales portal, TMGcore will reach out directly to the contact party to discuss next steps and qualifications.  One of those steps is to pre-plan the future installation of the CryptoCore unit(s) at a facility in the USA.  A condition for the installation is that the Spec Sheet and Deployment Requirements are met at the facility where the unit would be installed.   (See Spec Sheet and Deployment Requirements link at Terms and Key Info). Unit installation may only be provided through our certified installation professional.  Estimated travel/hotel/meals will be provided to you, and will be invoiced separately.

Installation Overview:

The USA-only facility must meet certain physical, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and network access requirements, including 240V 3 phase electrical service and a process cooling system for final heat rejection.

Connections Overview: 

Certified electrician should assist commercial users on connections.  Note for household use.

Power, ethernet and water connections are required and not a part of the offering, though must be available and operational before installation begins. 

  • 240V 3 phase electrical service
  • Input Power needed
    • For 140 kW unit is 250amps (415WYE VAC)
    • For 200 kW unit is 350 amps (415WYE VAC)
  • Network Connection needed is 1 ethernet port per miner.
  • Water connection needed is 2” supply and return connections (Cam and Groove coupling [female]) with 70 GPM minimum flow rate and 33oC maximum operating water temperature.
  • Process cooling system for final heat rejection

Deployment & Facility Requirements: 

USA facility only.  Unit is 9' 7" long, 3' 1" wide and 4' 6" wide with the unit doors closed. With the doors opened, the height increases to 5' 6".

  • Slab to meet or exceed FF 30 and FL 20. The total unit weight filled without miners is 3198 pounds.  Unit alone is 1193 pounds. 
  • Ceiling height minimum is 6 feet.
  • Minimum clear path front and back is 36 inches.
  • Door clearances need to be at least 3’1”.
  • Ambient humidity maximum is 80% (non-condensing) to avoid condensation dripping into units from overhead pipes. See Connections section above.
  • Maximum elevation is 5500 feet above sea level

Unit & Coolant Fluid Availability:

Unit and all coolant fluid must be onsite at the planned installation time. Unit is shipped in a secure crate.  Crates should not be stacked.