Liquid-Cooled Mining Units for Commercial Business Use



CryptoCore Explained and In Action - Click here to see it operate!

Meet CryptoCore – a liquid immersion cooling mining unit developed to produce the best results in energy usage, and equipment longevitity, and an enabler of overclocking hash rates.

A custom engineered PDU (patent pending) distrubutes power across the unit.

In the head-to-head comparison of air cooled vs. liquid cooled - Liquid Cooled is the clear winner! 💦

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NOTE: Ensure your facility connections are prepped and have certified electrician support.

Upcoming production batches are available on a first come, first served basis.

Customers can place their order requests online for the next batch of manufactured units.

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  • ... Perfect for Your Overclocking

    Coolant fluid immersion of miner provides environment to allow you to install firmware for overclocking.

    Internal testing has reached up to 80% TH/s over OEM hash rates.

  • .. .Supports Your Modern Mining Hardware

    28 Miner Capacity Per Unit

    - Supports x19 (Antminer)

    - Supports Avalon 1246 (Canaan)

    - Supports M20/M30 series (Whatminer)

  • ... Noise Reduction

    Eliminating noise-producing fans enables dramatically lower environmental noise measurements for employees and facility neighborhood

  • ... Includes a Next-Gen PDU

    Engineered PDU for 140 kW or 200 kW for superior mining capability

  • ... Improves Miner Lifespan

    Liquid cooling immersion protects miner from environment and elements resulting in a longer lifespan

  • ... Enables Much Higher Density

    2 Mega Watts of mining can be fit in less than 160 Square Feet

  • 💧 Installation (Required)

    Full service on-site installation nationwide in the USA through our certified service professionals.

    Pre-approved travel/hotel/meals expenses will be invoiced separately.

  • 💧 Warranty: 1-Year Plan or 3-Year Plan (Add-On)

    A 1-Year Plan or 3-Year Plan is available for purchase. Our 3-Year Plan is the most common choice of customers.

    See Warranty for full terms and conditions. A Warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the equipment and Warranty, which is not transferable. Registration required.

  • 💧 Coolant Fluid (Add-On)

    A preferred engineered fluid is available in the quantity needed to fill a unit.

    You may also purchase fluid direct from supplier.

    Fluid needs to be available on-site at the time of installation.

  • 💧 Make Miners Immersion Ready (Add-On)

    OEM miners must be modified to enable immersion in coolant fluid. After modification, the OEM warranty does not apply.

    Select this add-on and we will contact you able having your miners shipped to our service site.

  • 💧 Handles for Miners (Add-On)

    For easy access to get miners in and out of fluid, use handles.

    Available in two options:

    - Avalon 1246 fit

    - Bitmain s19 x (all models) fit

  • 💧 Arc Flash Optical Sensor (Add-On)

    Feeds into the main breaker's trip input to facilitate shutdown of the unit once an arc flash is sensed.  A 5 millisecond response is the maximum time to sense an arc event.  The total time (detection plus breaker response) is less than 55 milliseconds.